• ग्रामीण युवक एवम् युवति यो को आरोग्य मित्र (Para Medical Assistant) तैयार करना
  • ग्रामीण जन को भारतीय स्वास्थ्य चिंतन के प्रति जागरुत करना
  • लोक मे सहज एवम् प्रभावशाली घरेलु उपचार के नुस्नुखो का पुन: स्मरण
  • आरोग्य एवम् स्वास्थ्य से जुडे पारम्परिक उद्योगो को प्रस्तावित करने का मार्गदर्शन
  • Village Level 5 Days Aarogya Mitra Training Program has been executed in following ways
  • Training Mode - Subject Experts/ Doctors takes classes For Theory Knowledge
  • Service Mode - Free Medical / Subject Expert Camps are executed simultaneously during training program by Experts/Doctors like Gauvansh Suraksha, Netra Suraksha etc as mentioned above to serve Locals with required medical needs and Aarogya Mitra gain Practical Knowledge by observing the same in the presence of experts
  • Practice Mode - Aarogya Mitra then Practices all this learned Knowledge again n again by supporting Experts/ Doctors in continuous and Regular Medical Follow-up camps in his village
    Levels of Training program
    • 1. Basic
    • 2. Advance
    • 3. Final
    • Programs will also include Practical Working Site visits within or outside Lakhpat for advance knowledge
    • Aarogya Mitra will be given one AAROGYA KIT after successful training of One Year.
    • Aarogya Mitra will also learn to operate Tele Medicine System for Online Expert/ Doctor Support to his village after one year
    • Aarogya Mitra will also learn to keep all data records for further use
    • Aarogya Mitra will also become a Trained person to Promote Healthy living knowledge along with Cure